Hail, Pennsylvania!

Written by Edgar Meck Dilley,
University of Pennsylvania 1897

Sung to the tune of
God Save the Tsar"

Hail, Pennsylvania!
Noble and strong,
To thee with loyal hearts
We raise our song.
Swelling to Heaven Loud,
Our praises ring;
Hail, Pennsylvania!
Of thee we sing.

Majesty as a crown
Rest on thy brow,
Pride, Honor, Glory, Love,
Before thee bow.
Ne'er can thy spirit die,
Thy walls decay;
Hail, Pennsylvania!
For thee we pray.

Hail, Pennsylvania!
Guide of our youth,
Lead thou thy children on
To light and truth;
Thee, when death summons us,
Others shall praise;
Hail, Pennsylvania!
Through endless days.

Source "Pennsylvania's Verse"
Edited by William Otto Miller,
Class of 1904.
Published in 1902 by J.B. Lippincott
Company Philadelphia.

Steve explaining the
connection between
God Save the Tsar" and UPenn
SCBB playing an
instrumental version of
God Save the Tsar"
An unknown choir singing
God Save the Tsar"

"God Save the Tsar" and UPenn (MP3s)
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