The PennBO sheet music collection is in Acrobat PDF format. If you do not
have the PDF reader you can download it for free from
The large 35 megabyte PDF sheet music library has been optimized for
clear printing and not for quick viewing on the web. You should download
the file locally and view it on your computer so that you can page quickly
through the files. I choose this all-in-one file approach to keep the
collection together. As part of PennBO's
Dandelion Project, you are
encouraged to freely distribute the sheet music; electronically on your web
site, by P2P sharing, by CD, or hard copy to whoever you wish.

For those of you lacking a high bandwidth internet connection or the
patience to download the file over a modem connection, you should ask a
friend to download the file and burn a copy on a CD for you. Or you may
contact me directly and I will send you a disk at nominal cost.

To begin downloading, right-mouse click on the bar below to save the file
on your computer. If you left-mouse click, your browser will try to open
the file directly which will only work if you have a high bandwidth
connection. Macintosh, Linux, and other computers work differently.

I've also included a link to "Black Shawl" to see what the sheet music
looks like before committing to a potentially long download. The file is only
375k and will be a quick download even using a dial in connection.

"Black Shawl" (375k)

PennBO Sheet
Music Library
(35 Megs)