This site contains the balalaika and domra sheet music of the
University of Pennsylvania Balalaika Orchestra (PennBO).
PennBO was founded in the sixties by Steve Wolownik and
disbanded in the nineties.

The sheet music file is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, has been
optimized for printing, and is almost 35 megabytes in size.  It
contains nearly 500 sheets of music that was played by the
orchestra. You will need a high bandwidth connection or some
patience with a modem connection to download this.

Also available on this web site is a selection of MP3 audio files
recorded by the Schuylkill Cossacks Balalaika Band (SCBB), a
subset of PennBO. You will be able to hear how some of this music
is played.  

Finally, I have included some audio clips in MP3 format of Steve
speaking as well as photos.

Riccardo Heald
April 2004
"tarragot-pennbo" at ""

The University Of Pennsylvania Balalaika Orchestra  
Music Repository (PennBO)

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